Preactor for QAD APS Solution

May 2014 – West Chester, PA

MPS associates is proud to announce the latest release of Preactor for QAD. The bidirectional Preactor for QAD interface, developed by MPS and approved by QAD, provides for a seamless two-way exchange of information between the host QAD ERP (SE or EE) system and the Preactor Advanced Planning Software solution.

Preactor for QAD is aimed specifically at QAD’s target markets and includes the Preactor 400 APS software and MPS’ bidirectional integration with the QAD enterprise resource planning system.  Preactor for QAD’ will help those existing and future users of QAD in need of detailed scheduling and optimised sequencing in their production facilities.  This empowers the planner. It automatically generates optimized schedules for production based on business objectives and the real constraints of the production process and provides unparalleled visibility on what will happen in the future – a crystal ball for the plant.

Typically, QAD ERP exports a list of operations that need to be completed to produce all new and existing demand.  Preactor for QAD creates the optimized plan that defines which tasks are completed, by which production resource, at what time.  It then updates the QAD ERP system with the confirmed production schedule, revised route, sequence and timings.

Preactor for QAD’s
sequencing engine provides additional functionality over and above QAD’s capabilities.  For example drag and drop interaction with the Gantt Chart, multiple constraints such as machines, tooling, operators etc for each operation, attribute based sequencing for example to minimize changeover time, complex scheduling rules and dependencies between producing and consuming orders.

More than 100 QAD customers use Preactor and there are many references and cases studies showing the benefits and ROI.  Contact MPS today to learn more about how Preactor for QAD can help you improve efficiencies and reduce costs on your production floor.